A Graph of #dieselpunk on Twitter

For those of you that are interested – NodeXL is a Social Media analytics tool that can be used to track hashtags on twitter. Dragonfly Armory is interested in all things dieselpunk, even the hashtag! Major Kite did an analysis of the most recent 1,000 tweets and found that there are distinct communities in the #dieselpunk tweets right now. Below is a graph. Let us know if you have any questions, and of course check us out on Twitter @DragonflyArmory

Dieselpunk Inspiration: Painted Bomber Jackets

Major Kite has been browsing the internet for some dieselpunk inspiration. The best thing she found lately: painted bomber jackets.

During WWII, bomber pilots were given a standard brown leather jacket to keep them warm in their planes.┬áThese young men frequently chose to decorate their jackets – in addition to the official patches displayed on the front and sleeves of their jackets, hand painted images started appearing on the back. These scenes featured cartoon characters and pin up girls and non standard military iconography. They also frequently kept an account of the missions run by pilots.

Dragon Con 2013 Deployment

The Dragonfly Armory Squad had a busy year this year at Dragon Con: we marched in the parade, helped host the only Dieselpunk panel, and were featured in the Alternative History Museum and the Tinker’s Clockwork Carnival. We made guest appearances at the Mechanical Masquerade and participated in several photo shoots.

It’s been almost a month since Dragon Con, but I’m still caught up in the glory and costuming.
Stay tuned for our highlights from this year, and what we’re looking forward to!

photo from Jamie & Adam’s Tested.com

– Colonel Kite