Private Griffon

Colonel Griffon photo

ID Number:

BFG Gunner

Personal Weapons:
DF11 Behemoth Double
DF12 Injector
• DF13 Splice (currently in production)

News from the Front: Griffon was stripped of his rank and demoted to Private for conduct unbecoming an officer. Details behind the demotion have not yet been released.

Griffon — Jimmy Bishop is the son of two immigrants who fled their country during The Continental Great War (CGW), which engulfed the majority of the Over-Sea Continents. His family moved to the Allied Capital with the hope of raising their two infant sons in peace and harmony.

His early childhood was fun and carefree. The capital city and its surrounding environs experienced a wealth of peace and prosperity after the CGW. As a teenager, Jimmy attended the Capital’s prestigious military academy. He was decent student, but really excelled in his school’s various sporting and strategic teams. He earned numerous awards for martial arts, wilderness survival, salvage-weaponry construction, and strategy, among others—eventually winning Top All-Around Junior-Warrior at the All-Regionals’ Warfare Games.

After graduation, where he received top honors, Jimmy and a few of his friends left the Capital for a much deserved mountain lake getaway.

Then disaster struck.

Without provocation, the Enemy directed a horrific assault at the Allied Capital. Decades had passed since the end of the CGW and the signing of the Peace Accord. The Capital had let its guard down. The planes that bombed the city came fast and swift in the night. Buildings were destroyed, monuments and countless sacred places throughout the territories were decimated. Thousands, upon thousands of people were killed and many more critically injured. Among the dead were Jimmy’s parents and his brother.

This attack was a declaration of war. Hundreds of thousands of young men and women enlisted in the armed forces, to not only help defend their land, but to avenge the dead. The first wave of attacks included a bombing run against the Military Headquarters. Many of the leadership were killed or wounded so severely that they were unable to serve. All Military Academy graduates were immediately summoned into active service and given assignments as officers.

Due in no small part to his specific training and accolades, Jimmy was sent directly to the front lines as a captain. During the initial years of the conflict, he excelled yet again. His ferociousness in the battle earned him the callsign Griffon. His bravery, mental acuity under pressure, and all around “shoot first, don’t ask questions” attitude quickly became a morale booster as the stories of his triumphs circulated through the ranks. His actions in battle didn’t go unnoticed by his commanders. They were so impressed by Jimmy’s exploits and success, that they promoted him to colonel in the summer of 1941.

After his promotion, Jimmy was granted two weeks of leave. But he was anxious to return to his squad, where it would be back to business as usual. He was grateful for the new rank, but his job was still the same: seek out and destroy the Enemy. After several months, came winter—a brutal winter. The snow drifts were deeper than in the previous year and the winds blew unforgiving frigid air from the north. December was violent, as war tends to be, however January brought a decisive moment that would shape General Griffon’s future.

While on patrol in an uncharted sector, Jimmy and his squad came upon an enemy stronghold and for the first time were out numbered.  A huge battle ensued and the impending outcome looked very grim. Jimmy was wounded in the knee but kept on firing his BFG at the Enemy. His only thoughts were of his family and how he may see soon see his brother again. At that very moment, when things seemed most dire, long beams of fire rained down from the heavens, blasting massive holes into the fortified walls of the bunker. Flying in from behind the forestline was a lone Jet Pack Aviator, Colonel Shrike. This new line of attack gave Griffon and his squad the advantage they needed to overtake the Enemy and secure the bunker. A great victory for the Allied Forces.

The top brass thought that Colonel Griffon and Colonel Shrike made a fantastic team with their unique brand of combined ground- and aerial-assault. They believed that that Allies would have a considerable advantage if the two warriors were given command of their own joint squad. The colonels handpicked their team members and they are now known as the Dragonfly Squadron.

Colonel Griffon recently received a field commission to General.

In real life—“Griffon” is Dimitry Ekzarkhov a self-employed graphic designer at He loves costume and prop building and thinks Halloween should be a national holiday.

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