General Hawk

Captain Hawk photo

ID Number:

Communications and Morale Officer

Personal Weapons:
• The ‘Pipes
• Pea Shooter

News from the Front: Due to on the field valor, Hawk has been promoted to General.

Hawk — Sean Thornton volunteered for the air corp in 1940 over his parent’s objections. He was nicknamed “Hawk” in flight school for his “leap before you look” attitude and favorite maneuver. An aggressive inverted dive “over-the-top” maneuver much like a hawk would swoop down to its prey. After many documented bar brawls at the officers club with members of different air-squadrons and differences of opinions with senior officers, it was determined that his talent for inspiring his comrades to violence using only his attitude and his bagpipes were better served in the infantry. Although it is rumored that the transfer was due to a well known, yet officially unconfirmed, “incident” involving several high ranking admirals’ daughters.

Now a captain in the well known infantry squad “Dragonfly”, he serves as scrounger, communications and morale officer. Specializing and preferring hand to hand combat, his weapons are a traditional “dirk” or Scottish short sword and an laser pistol often called the “pea shooter”. Although small and antiquated in comparison to the big guns of his fellow squad mates “the pea shooter” has been shown to be deadly in the close quarters conditions of combat. Hawk has also demonstrated great proficiency with a sniper rifle and unconventional explosives when the need has arisen in the field.

Although not traditionally listed under weapons, the bagpipes are not to be underestimated, and merit mention as their effect on enemy moral is devastating. For when the pipes are heard, the enemy knows the deadly DragonFly squad is near.

Captain Hawk recently received a field commission to Major.

In real life — “Hawk” is Dallas Key and currently the youngest member of Dragonfly. A student at Georgia Tech studying nuclear engineering and working as a Flight Instructor. And yes, he really does play bagpipes

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