General Kite

Major Kite photo

ID Number:

Weapons Specialist

Personal Weapons:
DF12 The Wasp
DF12 Mosquito

News from the Front: Due to the void in leadership after Griffon’s demotion, Kite has been promoted to General.

Kite — Sydney Ponder could dissemble a standard issue handgun, and reassemble in it working order, before she turned 10. She showed an early aptitude for weaponry and sharp shooting but her parents discouraged her from entering the service. Instead she was sent to finishing school, where she learned manners and grace. But upon turning 18, she immediately volunteered for the war.

After volunteering, she was given several unsatisfying secretarial positions. She was finally transferred into the infamous Dragonfly squad as a corporal when she was found assembling an improvised explosive at a formal military function by Colonel Griffon. After proving her prowess with weaponry she was eventually promoted to major. It was during her first year in the Dragonfly squad that she earned the nickname Kite, after a bird of prey with strong wings and a distinctive tail.

Her prowess with weaponry is coupled with a fondness for guns of all sizes and styles, and she is a very good shot. She tends to be armed with at least three guns at any given time, ranging from a small pistol to a gatling gun. While a gun is her weapon of choice, she is also known to carry a variety of grenades and explosives. She is passable with a knife, but avoids hand-to-hand combat. She is also qualified to repair weapons and machinery.

Although she does not hold any bitterness for her early difficulties after volunteering, she does have more loyalty for her squad than for usual military officials. For this reason, she often uses the manners and charms she learned in finishing school in the presence of other military officials.

Recently Major Kite received a field commission to Major.

In real life — “Kite” is CD Ske, a student at the Uinversity of Georgia studying psychology and advertising. She works at her campus radio station and a local magazine.

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