Lieutenant Sparrow

Lieutenant Sparrow photo

ID Number:


Personal Weapons:
• Wrath
• C.F.12
• Bleeding Badger

Sparrow — Leigh Wolf was mostly uninterested with the problems of civilization and was tucked away in a quiet corner of the world until she caught the man she loved cheating. It is rumored he “saw the error of his ways” and never cheated on another woman again, while many speculate he never breathed again.

Trying to find some means of escape, she joined the service to get as far away as possible. After several unfulfilling paper clerk postings, Leigh transferred to the infantry. Known for wearing a semiformal bustle in battle “because I can, and you can shut it….sir”, maintaining a quiet even detached calm with all hell breaking loose and volunteering for the most dangerous assignments possible, her superiors obliged Leigh’s wish for danger by re-assigning her to the infamous Dragonfly squad.

As a lieutenant she is demure, proper, and near silent in conversation. Although she has no problem silencing you with the vengeance of a woman scorned if you cross her…particularly if it’s into the cross hairs of her scope. Leigh earned the name Sparrow for the good fortune she brings to the squad and for the wrath of god she brings down upon the enemy when armed with her rifle. Primarily armed with her personally designed and customized rifle affectionately named “Wrath”, Sparrow tends to hang back in battle and methodically choose her perch. Shortly after joining the Dragonfly squadron she achieved recognition after singlehandedly holding off an entire regiment whilst her squad regrouped.

Although preferring to view the battlefield through her scope, Sparrow does not shy away from close action. In addition to “Wrath” she carries the “C.F. 12”. The “C.F. 12” is a short range blaster powerful enough to turn anyone who gets too close into subatomic vapor.

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