Lieutenant Condor

No PictureID Number:

Assassin and Interrogator

Personal Weapons:
• M56
• S48
• The Bandana

Condor — Frederick Easley grew up in the wastes of the cities destroyed by the alliance in the GCW. He got in fights often when he was growing up in the streets as an orphan. At the age of seven he killed another child in a fight and got his first taste of death. Fred became enthralled with the prospect of killing and began to pick more fights with the intent of killing his opponents. Word of this vicious child began to spread over time and eight years later he was picked up by a force determined to take down the Alliance. They honed his ability and trained him how to kill people more effectively. In these ranks he was only a letter, J. They never gave their assassins anything other than a letter because most didn’t come back. Fred was in fact their 4th J. He felt no connection to those he took orders from, it was always just another job. In time he even lost the joy he once received from killing, but it was all he knew in his life.

In time J began to also learn counterintelligence and interrogation techniques. One of his missions required him to be captured in order to infiltrate and kill his target. This was the first time he faked being high ranked official when getting captured. It worked flawlessly. He learned that he was skilled in the art of deception. He wasn’t nearly as good in this field as he was as an assassin, but he did use getting captured as a way to get closer to his targets more frequently. This is how he found his way into the hands of the Dragonfly Armory.

His assignment was to take out the heart of the crew, the then Captain Hawk. The first person to interrogate him was the slightly off Major Kestrel. Her personality intrigued him and made him more curious about the rest of the crew. Pretending to be a high ranking officer he fed the team both accurate and false intel while learning more about them. In time Kestrel starting calling him Vulture. The crew was not happy with this but it was the first time that he could ever remember being called by anything other than an assigned letter.

The seed had been planted and after being the crew’s prisoner for nearly a month he defected and joined their ranks. He revealed to the crew his real name which at that point no one else in his life had even cared to learn. For the first time in his life he was a part of a family and the void in his life had finally been filled. Despite being the newest member of the crew he has demonstrated fierce loyalty to the only family he had ever known.

Condor prefers blades to kill his targets and though he carries several blades on him M56 is his personal favorite: So named after taking it from his 56th target. It has become his favorite knife to use in combat. When he is discovered he relies on his side arm S84: A heavily modified sidearm that he took from the corpse of his 84th assassination. He has since modified it thoroughly to better suit his style. Lastly “The bandana:” His signature bandana is not always worn on his head, but is always on him somewhere. Whenever he needs to kill a target “in their sleep,” so they won’t be discovered quickly, he relies upon this tool.

Private Condor recently received a field commission to Lieutenant.

In real life — “Condor” is Matthew Stewart an independent contractor for Extreme Events.

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